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Work Out World

We built our brand on helping others achieve their fitness goals, which in turn brings health and life to the soul. While our job is fun, receiving collectibles isn’t. Kason Credit makes the process easy. We appreciate their help and recommend them to anyone in the Work out World!

Rebecca M

Connecticut Properties

I would definitely recommend Kason Credit to any property management service. They make debt collection easy for us, and in addition to outstanding service, they provide timely reconciliation of payments.

Cindy M

Arthritis Treatment Center

Our goal is to help people suffering from disorders of bones, muscles and joints. When we are unpaid and send our patient accounts to collection, we want our patients treated with dignity and respect; important matters beyond compliance. That has never been an issue with Kason Credit yet they consistently return significant charge off payments to us. That is what I define as a superb collection agency.

Marie D

Equity Management Corporation

With several multi-unit apartment facilities, the administration of the collection process is as important to us as the collections themselves. Kason Credit not only uses the data we provide to generate more useful data in the collection process but provides reports particular to each property, which allows us to generate internal metrics that are helpful in the management process. We appreciate the diligence of the folks at Kason Credit and feel they would be a great asset to any property management service.

Karen A

Major Bank Equipment Finance Co.

Kason Credit and its remarketing partner Northern Equipment Remarketing work for us across all 50 US states. They have been very thorough and have provided us with high quality debt collection services. We definitely recommend them to any bank needing EOL or repossession servicing.

Thomas N
Major Bank Equipment Finance Co.

Multi Member CPA Firm

We provide consulting and tax preparation services for a client base spanning from individuals to multi-state, multi-office corporations. We never expect that a client will not pay us for our services, but it does sometimes happen. In such a case, we know we can rely on KCC to help us. While getting paid is paramount when considering collections, so are operational ethic–and we’re pleased that those values are shared by Kason Credit. We recommend their services to any and all accounting professionals.

Alex G
(Withheld): Multi Member CPA Firm

Maletta, Pfeiffer & Associates

Our physical therapists emphasize a wholistic approach to the individual and while that creates great results in physical therapy; the one thing we can’t control is the response our patients sometime have to the self-pay portion of their billing. Kason Credit is mindful of that problem. While they do not collect 100% of our past dues and never said they would, they return a strong percentage of uncollectibles to us. We appreciate their attention to detail and to the sentiments of our patients.

Lynette F

Kid’s Kare Child Care

We love taking care of kids, but we aren’t thrilled when we have to deal with accounts receivable problems. We started using a collections agency, Kason Credit, and we couldn’t be happier. While we deal with kid issues every day, it’s harder to dig into the problems that the parents have with payment for their kids’ care. Kason Credit gets it and gives each problem individual attention as it should be. They do a good job for us and they do it the right way.

Donna O
Kid’s Kare Child Care

Cornerstone Property Management

Kason Credit gives us great service. Their staff are friendly to work with and they provide excellent dispute analysis and resolution. Highly recommend.

Stacy V

Anthony Dinardo DMD

The Doctor enjoys his practice and wants to maintain a professional distance from the occasional collection issue that impacts the practice. When these problems do arise, we employ the services of Kason Credit, not only because of their steady track record of collections, but because of how they do what they do. KCC’s ethical practices are reflected in the way they address and resolve patient questions.

Toni D.
Anthony Dinardo DMD

New London Fire Department

Our firefighters and EMTs respond to over 7,000 calls per year. It is not uncommon to lack sufficient data to complete the billing process for those to whom they provide emergency services. Kason Credit, with an emphasis on compliance, does its job: acquire data and collect funds due us. As a community-based/government organization, we care about what they return to us and how they do it. Kason does a reliable job with both.

Mary S

Family Medicine Partnership

Kason Credit is user friendly and responds promptly to the needs of our staff and our patients. Our reputation in the community is of paramount concern to us and the staff at Kason Credit has never done anything to diminish our reputation while maintaining a businesslike posture towards collecting patient self-pay balances.

Rita N
Family Medicine Partnership

Global Procurement & Logistics

We operate primarily out of the busy Port of Baltimore. Between bonded storage, drayage, shipping, customs clearance, and other requirements of servicing our expanding customer base, our collections needs can be complex. We need a collections service that can handle the kind of complexity of our business, and Kason Credit was the right choice. They have transportation specialists that understand the language and art of moving things from point A to B. The vast majority of accounts we’ve sent for collection to Kason Credit have been paid as a result of their knowledge and efforts. They know their stuff, and I recommend them to anyone in the shipping business.

Antoinette D

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union

While our charter members are local they seem to move up and down the East Coast with frequency. We employ the services of Kason Credit and its special servicing affiliates as a total solution to delinquent account management for asset-based accounts. They have a unique knowledge of technical compliance with collections, repossessions and asset re-marketing. We particularly benefit from their expertise when recovering and reselling our secured loans.


New England Dental Center

We are a relatively new client with Kason Credit. I’ve found the process straightforward and clear. Following up with staff at KCC is not a chore, and they communicate clearly and effectively! I look forward to a long and productive relationship.

Christina Z

Northwest Corner Dental Partners

Kason Credit has been our solution for debt collection for years. They advocate strongly for us while taking into account the lives of our patients, many of whom return to us subsequent to collection. We heartily recommend Kason Credit to any dental professional.

Marilyn R

Merritt Federal Credit Union

Our Credit Union is sensitive to all members’ needs including those with unpaid or late accounts. The staff at Kason Credit is professional and respectful of our members as they resolve our accounts receivable challenges. We feel they are an asset to the Credit Union and would recommend them to any Credit Union!

Diane S

East Windsor Ambulance Association Inc.

In our line of business, there is frequently neither the time nor opportunity to talk to the patient about his or her methodology of payment. As a community based and supported organization, we appreciate the care and compassion that Kason Credit shows to our patients as well as the funds they return to the organization.

Tom C

Reeves Transport

As a regional carrier in business for two generations, we have a solid and valued client base; particularly in contract hauling. When accepting loads on the spot market you occasionally don’t know what you’re getting. Our collection problems are not numerous but when they pop up I know I can count on Kason Credit to collect the money we’re owed. I’d recommend them to any trucker out there needing help collecting money. Thanks!

Steve R
Reeves Transport

Elk Investors

Tenants come and go; it’s the nature of our business. Part of our model is collecting on rental agreements subsequent to the departure of a tenant. We want to be paid but there are occasions where we are unaware of problematic situations impacting a tenancy. Kason Credit understands the complexity of a Landlord/Tenant relationship and approaches the collection of our charge offs with that knowledge base. The result is an understandable liquidation rate for uncollected rentals. We appreciate their efforts.

Saeeda G
Elk Investors

Debt Collection

In 1979, Kason Credit was incorporated and licensed as a consumer debt collection agency by Karl Dudek to fulfill a need for a full-service A/R and back office management company. In 1980, services expanded to include commercial collections.

Between 1985 and 1995, the company grew and began serving healthcare, credit unions, mergers and acquisitions, transportation and more. As an organization we are committed to creating and maintaining relationships with our clients by formulating extensive debt collections strategies and practices with our clients' short and long term goals in mind.

We understand how to collect delinquent accounts. We believe in not only strong business relationships, but strong community ties as well.

A message from our CEO:

The last thing you want to think about is your back office. You want to know that it’s performing its function professionally and ethically.

At Kason Credit we own that business philosophy. We provide our services predicated on the principle that whether we’re patients or providers, business owners or customers, we're all neighbors. Though we have duties and obligations created through our interactions, the resultant flow needs to be honest and respectful, not just because the law says so, but because as human beings we owe that to one another.

Yes, we collect bills; that’s what we do. It’s all we do. There is every reason in the world to do it well because, at the end of the day, when anyone of us walks through the grocery store and bumps into another, we want to take pride in how we met and conducted business.

Call me and give us the opportunity to be your collector. If you give us that opportunity I can’t guarantee that you’ll get a good night’s sleep, but I can guarantee that if you don’t, it won’t be because of your back office. Thanks for visiting with us.

Karl R. Dudek, CEO Kason Credit Corportation

Debt Collection Services

Kason Credit Corporation provides debt collection solutions for:

  • Transportation
  • Medical and dental practices
  • Financial institutions
  • Apartments
  • Small business
  • Other Industries and specialty collections
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