We operate primarily out of the busy Port of Baltimore. Between bonded storage, drayage, shipping, customs clearance, and other requirements of servicing our expanding customer base, our collections needs can be complex. We need a collections service that can handle the kind of complexity of our business, and Kason Credit was the right choice. They have transportation specialists that understand the language and art of moving things from point A to B. The vast majority of accounts we’ve sent for collection to Kason Credit have been paid as a result of their knowledge and efforts. They know their stuff, and I recommend them to anyone in the shipping business.

Antoinette D

As a regional carrier in business for two generations, we have a solid and valued client base; particularly in contract hauling. When accepting loads on the spot market you occasionally don’t know what you’re getting. Our collection problems are not numerous but when they pop up I know I can count on Kason Credit to collect the money we’re owed. I’d recommend them to any trucker out there needing help collecting money. Thanks!

Steve R
Reeves Transport

Transportation Debt Collection

Freight Debt Collection Services since 1981: We collect your A/R, chargebacks, and more.

Truck hauling freight
Twin engine freight aircraft on runway
Ocean freight
Truck hauling freight Twin engine freight aircraft on runway Ocean freight

Our debt collection team can provide peace of mind and stability to your back office. We promise to work night and day for you to provide the best possible solutions to your debt collection problems. No problem is too big, and we have the track record and expertise to provide the right debt collections solutions for you.

We collect debt for:

  • Trucking / Draymen
  • Rail
  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Consolidators
  • Customs brokers

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